Business Client Checklist (not using MYOB)

Information to be provided to Pears for 200X Year End

The following is the list of information we require to prepare your 30 June 200X Financial Statements and Income Tax Return.

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1. Bank Statements & Credit Card Statements for the whole of the relevant year/period
(1/7/200x to 30/6/200x)

2. All cheque butts and deposit books for the relevant year or period of the cash book or
copy of computerised general ledger and trial balance
A copy of Bank reconciliation, including dates of outstanding cheques (if prepared)
3. Copies of relevant documents and full details of loans, hire purchase agreements, leases
and bank periodical payments
4. Aged Debtors listing as at 30 June or end of reporting period (as at 30/6/200x)  
5. Aged Creditors listing as at 30 June or end of reporting period (as at 30/6/200x)  
6. Aged Stock / work in progress listing as at 30 June or end of reporting period, including
details of stock valuation method (as at 30/6/200x)
7. Full details of interest and dividends earned for the relevant year including copies of
interest and dividend advices
8.Details of assets (including plant and equipment) purchased, sold, scrapped or disposed
of during the year including dates of acquisition, disposal, trade-in & purchase/sale
price, etc
9. In regards to sale or purchase of real estate, a copy of contract of sale, solicitor's and
selling agents settlement sheets and banking details of the settlement
10. A schedule of payments made by cash/out of pocket which adequately shows the nature
of each expense
11. A schedule showing the reconciliation of total wages paid as per group certificates, wages
and payroll tax records
12. Details of superannuation paid for each employee  
13. Listing of Bad Debts written off during the year  
14. Copy of BAS Forms lodged during the year & workings  
15. Any other relevant documents  




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