MYOB - Client Checklist

Information to be provided to Pears for 200X Year End

The following is the list of information we require to prepare your 30 June 200X Financial Statements and Income Tax Return.

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1. Before sending us your MYOB file you need to reconcile the following accounts
  (a) Make sure that all bank accounts & credit cards have been reconciled
Review the unpresented cheques for stale cheques that may need to be reversed
  (b) Reconcile your accounts receivable
Print an Receivables Reconciliation Summary and review for any bad debts
Look in “Sales Register > Returns and Credits” for any credits that need to be settled (ie.
applied to outstanding invoices)
  (c) Reconcile your accounts payable
Print Purchases Reconciliation Summary and review for any payable accounts that need to
be reversed
Look at “Purchases Register > Returns and Debits” for any debits that need to be settled
(ie. applied to outstanding bills).
  (d) Reconcile your Inventory (if applicable)  
2. Reconcile the wages for the year.  
  Make sure all Payroll entries have been processed and the wages for the year have been
finalised & reconciled.
3. LOCK PERIODS up to and including June 200X  
4. MYOB data file – back up (.zip) or save .myo file on disk or email to our office  
5. Provide a copy of the following  
  Bank Statement for all bank accounts showing the 30 June 200X balances  
  Credit Card Statement showing balance owing as at 30 June 200X  
  Copy of any loan account statements from 1/7/200X to 30 June 200X  
  Copy of PAYG Payment Summaries and PAYG Payment Summary Statement for
200X (if done manually)
  Copy of documents relating to new leases/CHP entered into from 1/7/200X to
  Details of any Plant, Equipment, Motor Vehicles, Property purchased from 1/7/200X
to 30/6/200X
  If Sales module not used in MYOB, details of any Trade Debtors @ 30/6/200X  
  If Purchases module not used in MYOB, details of any Trade Creditors @ 30/6/200X  
  If Inventory module not used in MYOB, a stocktake list/report and/(or) work in
progress listing as at 30 June 200X, including details of stock valuation method
  In regards to sale or purchase of real estate, a copy of contract of sale, solicitor's and
selling agents settlement sheets and banking details of the settlement
  Cash/Out of pocket expenses – A schedule of payments made by cash which
adequately shows the nature of each expense.
  Details of assets (plant/equipment/cars etc) purchased, sold, scrapped or disposed of
during the year including dates of acquisition, disposal, trade-in & purchase/sale price.
Note – make sure you do not roll forward into the following financial year (ie. do not “start
a new financial year”, until after we finalised your 30 June 200X accounts and given you
our final journal entries for 30 June 200X.


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