2 November 2021

You Don’t Want Your Business To Suffer Legal Fallout – Use These Preventative Measures To Avoid It

Protecting your business from legal fallout isn’t always at the forefront of your mind when you are focussing your efforts on growing your small business. There […]
19 October 2021

Terms & Conditions – What Your Business Needs In Place

Establishing your business’ terms and conditions may seem like an onerous task among the never-ending to-do lists, but getting it right is essential for healthy cash […]
24 September 2021

Can You Be Fired During Probation?

Are you allowed to terminate an employee during their probationary period? Let’s say that you’ve hired a new employee, and have been assessing them over the […]
11 August 2021

What To Look Out For When It Comes To Ponzi Schemes

With so many scams, schemes and fraud opportunities occurring to everyday citizens, you’ll want to be certain that you don’t fall victim yourself to the more […]
14 July 2021

Why Choose A Corporate Trust Over An Individual Trust?

If you have a Self Managed Superannuation Fund (‘SMSF’), the Fund is considered to be a trust and must therefore have a trustee. There are two […]
1 July 2021

Why Is Parody Okay For Intellectual Property?

Parody and satire are considered to be a “fair dealing” exception to copyright law, which means that the relationship between parody and copyright law has changed. […]
24 June 2021

Unfair Contract Terms, and How To Determine Them.

Whether it’s to provide a service, gain employment or even just downloading software, it is not unlikely that you would have selected “I agree” to terms […]
9 June 2021

Unsubscribing From Emails Made Easier With New Legislation

A customer may want to unsubscribe from your newsletters in their inbox for reasons as simple as quantity (too many emails coming in) or relevance (they […]
2 June 2021

Is A Deed That Is Created Electronically Valid?

Legally speaking, the purpose of a deed is to transfer a title (a legal document proving ownership of a property or asset) to another person. If […]
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