27 October 2021

Superannuation In The Event Of A Divorce – How Does It Get Split?

In the event of a divorce, your’s and your partner’s superannuation is one of the assets you may need to take into consideration. It might be […]
22 October 2021

Super Fees – The Silent Drain On Your Nest Egg

With a lot of super funds currently being closely examined to ensure that they are meeting industry standards, you’ll want to make sure that your super […]
11 October 2021

Spousal Contributions: The Filler For Super

Depending on your relationship, you may have discussed with your partner the prospect of marriage. Or you might be more comfortable remaining in a long-term de […]
6 October 2021

What Might Be Draining Your Retirement Funds From Your Super?

When it comes to your retirement funds, you want to ensure that you have an amount in your superannuation fund that will allow you to live […]
28 September 2021

Missed A Super Guarantee Payment For Your Employees? Here’s What You’ll Have To Do

As an employer, you must make super payments for anyone who is employed under you into their nominated super fund. As of 1 July 2021, the […]
20 September 2021

Changes To Employers & Super When Stapled Funds Come Into Effect 1 November 2021

This year has seen a lot of amendments and changes to the rules governing superannuation funds and their providers by the Federal Government that may have […]
15 September 2021

Is Getting Covered By The Insurance Provided By Super Worth It?

Taking out insurance through a super fund can be a great option for some members, but it does also come with some pitfalls. Super funds typically […]
7 September 2021

Is An SMSF The Way To Go For Your Super? Here’s The Basics You’ll Need To Know About Them

The initial set-up of a self-managed super fund is perhaps the simplest step in the process. Establishing a super fund that delivers superior returns from your […]
30 August 2021

Breaching The Complex Laws That Surround SMSFs Could Land You In Hot Water

There is a proverb that says that it is better to ask for forgiveness than to ask permission. Generally speaking, the idea behind this saying is […]
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