1 April 2021

Maximising Tax Returns On The “Side Hustle”

If you or someone that you know began a side business (or “side hustle”) during the last financial year, you would have to meet the tax […]
28 March 2021

Jobkeeper Repayments – Tax Deductible?

The end of the month will see the end of the Jobkeeper payment scheme from the government. Eligible businesses who choose to voluntarily repay an amount […]
19 March 2021

Small Business Benefits or Taxable Concerns?

As an employee in a business, often there are perks that can come with the job. A company car, fuel money, perhaps some technology to help […]
12 March 2021

Self-Education Expenses

Individuals who partake in self-education may be able to claim a deduction for their expenses if the education is related to their work or if they […]
4 March 2021

What you can salary package

Salary packaging allows you to create a ‘package’ of income and benefits. In your salary package, you can include benefits that you would usually pay for […]
25 February 2021

What you need to know about luxury car tax

Luxury car tax or LCT is a 33% tax on cars that have a value (including GST) above the set threshold. However, the tax is only […]
18 February 2021

Records you need to keep on rental properties

When you own a rental property, keeping records is important. These will help you meet tax obligations. Generally, only individuals with their names on the title […]
16 February 2021

The amounts you don’t need to include as income

Amounts which are not classified as income are split into 3 categories. Exempt income This is income that you do not pay tax on, although, some […]
5 February 2021

Tax treatment of insurance payments for damaged or destroyed property after a disaster

The Australian weather can be unpredictable, resulting in intense weather conditions. Bushfires, severe storms or floods can cause personal properties and assets a lot of damage. […]
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