1 November 2021

Rent Concessions, Property & Commercial Enterprises – What Do You Need To Know Tax-Wise?

Over the last 12 months, there have been many notable schemes promoted by state and federal governments to assist businesses and individuals with much-needed tax relief. […]
26 October 2021

COVID-19 Disaster Payment Declared NANE – What Does That Mean For Your Tax Return?

If you were the recipient of the COVID-19 Disaster Payments For Individuals due to your situation resulting from the impact of COVID-19, there are certain things […]
20 October 2021

Employee Termination Payments & Tax – What You Need To Know

In the business world, employees can leave your business for various reasons. Sometimes as the employer, you may have to step in and terminate their employment […]
12 October 2021

Tax Returns For The Communication Professional – Crunching The Numbers On Tax Deductions

Doing the numbers might not necessarily be your thing if you work in sales or marketing – especially when it comes to your tax. Tax time […]
4 October 2021

Retail Workers & Tax – Here’s What You Need To Know

In spite of the many challenges that have faced many industries across the country during COVID-19’s persistence and ongoing effects, the retail industry through their continued, […]
29 September 2021

Is Spending Money On Assets To Avoid Paying Extra Tax Worth It?

One of the ways that many Australians may be looking to recoup or maximise their tax refund’s potential is in spending money on assets for themselves […]
21 September 2021

We Call It The Lamington – But What Does The LMITO Mean For You?

Did you know that the Low and Middle Income Tax Offset (LMITO) is also known colloquially as “Lamington”? Are you curious about the Low and Middle […]
13 September 2021

Capital Gains Tax Can Be Tricky – That’s Why We’re Here To Help

If you have disposed of any assets (which can include the loss, destruction or sale of an asset) which are subject to capital gains tax, you […]
8 September 2021

Prevent An Unexpected Tax Bill From Hitting Your Finances Hard With These Simple Tricks

Though you may not be expecting a tax bill, having one turn up in your inbox does not have to be an unexplainable mystery. The Australian […]
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