21 June 2021

The ATO Warns Gig Economy Workers To Declare Their Income, Or Face Severe Penalties

The inexpensive and profitable side hustle is under the ATO’s watchful eye when it comes to declaring income this tax season. With many gig economy workers […]
15 June 2021

What You Need To Know To Complete Your First Tax Return

Tax return season is quickly approaching for individuals. You may need to begin thinking about the process sooner rather than later to ensure that you have […]
8 June 2021

Crypto Tax Crackdown Announced By ATO

Cryptocurrency investments are on the ATO’s radar this tax return season, with 100,000 taxpayers to be alerted by the ATO of their tax obligations from their […]
31 May 2021

This Year’s Tax Return Won’t Be A Simple Copy/Paste Affair

Due to the impacts of COVID-19, how Australians claim work-related expenses on their tax returns every other year is sure to be different this year. The […]
25 May 2021

Paying The Stamp Duty Tax

When you’re buying a property, there’s a high likelihood that you’re going to need to pay a tax known as stamp duty on top of the […]
17 May 2021

Extension Of The Low & Middle Income Tax Asset Rebate Announced

The Low and Middle Income Tax Offset has been extended for another 12 months, meaning that taxpayers whose wage earnings situate them within a certain income […]
10 May 2021

Are You Using The Shortcut Method To Claim Your Work From Home Deduction?

There’s a new normal towards how Australians are approaching their work, with remote working now a more viable option for businesses and their employees, and it’s […]
4 May 2021

What Are The Consequences Of Improperly Lodged Tax Returns?

With tax return season approaching quickly this year, you may have already started looking into lodging your income tax return. Ensuring that your details are correct […]
28 April 2021

How Different Trust Types are Taxed

A tried and true method of investment, trusts are generally and commonly known as being for the wealthier elements of society. A trust however is a […]
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