29 October 2020

Running a successful email marketing campaign

Email campaigns are important because research shows a large percentage of both adults and teenagers regularly use email. Running a successful email campaign can significantly contribute […]
15 October 2020

Protecting your business from cybercrime

Having a digital presence nowadays is crucial to getting the most out of marketing your business. However, being online puts you at risk of being a […]
1 October 2020

Building a social media strategy

The right social media strategy can boost customer interaction and improve customer relationships. A social media strategy will help plan out the type of content that […]
28 August 2020

Black hat strategies that can damage your website

Every business owner is looking to get their business noticed on the search engine results page (SERP). There are various SEO tactics that can be used […]
14 August 2020

How to make your website accessible

The key goal for all business websites is to attract as many visitors as possible. However, not many business owners remember to cater their website to […]
31 July 2020

How well are you using your email list?

Every business owner’s dream is a marketing strategy that is highly efficient while still being cost-effective. Email marketing is one such strategy that has seen a […]
17 July 2020

The benefits of cloud computing

Due to COVID-19, organisations are coming to the realisation that web technology is essential to today’s business-running. Out of the more common types of web technologies, […]
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